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Using the Bible as our guide - and out of the abundance so generously given to us by the Lord - Northbridge Church has created a Generosity Fund to demonstrate Christ's love and kindness by giving generous financial gifts to meet the practical needs of people and places in the Rochester community. Read more about the fund below!


Generosity Funds are intended to address a hardship that is unexpected or prolonged and not due to persistent, intentional negligence or carelessness.  


To be wise stewards of these funds, the following guidelines have been set:

Recognizing each person's situation and need is unique, each gift from this fund will range in amount. There is no minimum or maximum gift size; rather, the size of each gift will be determined by the specific request and situation*. 


It is expected that no recipient will  receive multiple gifts in the same year. 

Membership at Northbridge is not required to be eligible to receive a gift.


To submit a gift request for yourself or someone else, please send an email to and include the following information: 

- The intended beneficiary's name and contact information

- The intended beneficiary's circumstances, and the reason why this individual may meet the criteria for financial assistance from the Northbridge Church's Generosity Fund.


Upon receipt of this information, the Generosity Fund team will review the information and aim to provide a response within 72 hours of receiving the request. 

* Note: This Fund is possible due to the generosity of Northbridge Church members and attenders. Consequently, the number and size of gifts is dependent upon the availability of funds at the time of the request. 

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