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Christians are called to have authentic, biblical community with other believers, as well as purposeful and intentional outreach to unbelievers (Acts 2:41 -42; Matt. 28:19 -20). At Northbridge, we help develop and nurture relationship-building and outreach through a variety of ministries, with the goal of helping the believer grow in their love for Christ, and reaching the community with the gospel of Jesus.   


Our Bible-centered, community-based small groups meet at various times and locations throughout the week. Each group has diverse age ranges and life-stages. We encourage all church-goers to get involved in a small group, as they promote Bible study, fellowship, accountability, spiritual growth, and prayer. 

Contact Ben Levno ( to get connected now!



Children are valued and loved at Northbridge. To help guide little ones to Christ, we offer age-appropriate, Bible-focused lessons each week for kids 4-12 years old. A staffed nursery is also provided for infants and toddlers (newborn - 3 years old). 

Click here to learn more about the children's ministry at Northbridge. 



The Northbridge Daily is a short, Bible-based devotional written by Northbridge pastors that is sent daily via email. These less-than-5-minute messages are intended to highlight Biblical truths, encourage deeper thinking, and challenge believers to be faithful to Christ in their daily life. Contact Rocky Coleman ( or click here to sign up. 



Christians are called to bring the gospel of Christ to the world, and make disciples of all nations (Acts 1:8; Matt. 28: 19-20). Consequently, both local and international missions are a priority at Northbridge. We partner with local and global mission-minded organizations to support and encourage gospel ministries. Contact Erica Allender ( for more information.



Christians have a responsibility to care for those in need (Deut. 15: 7-8; Matt. 25: 35-40; Luke 3:11). Recognizing this responsibility, Northbridge has created a Generosity Fund to help demonstrate Christ's love by giving generous financial gifts to meet the practical needs of people in the Rochester community. Click here for more information.

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